This is the first game I write about. The reason: this is the first game that comes in my mind.

I played this game sooo many times. And it always had something new to show.

In this game you are an individual who is pulled to a parallel universe and has to battle an evil sorceress. Since this game is an RPG, you have to wander a lot about and gather all the things you can find. You can chose from 3 different types of characters. You can be a warrior, a wizard, or a conjurer. You have to be careful, though, because wizards hate warriors and warriors hate wizards.

The game starts a bit slow, explaining what to do and how to do it. Once you got the hang of it, it becomes a super fast action rpg, shooting, slashing, hacking, casting, blasting your way trough the immense world. There is a main quest you have to follow, you have to put together a staff, but there are also side quests you can do.

The game was made in 2000, but it has very nice graphics and is content rich. You will be dragged in the story and the action.

I played this game during winter, but since I liked it a lot, it did take me a lot to finish it. It gave me nice hours on those cold snowy afternoons. This was not a popular game amongst us, because not everyone had a computer back then. Also, people did not like the genre. After I showed them this game, they also got to like it.

To describe how fun this game really is, I just have to mention that I replayed it a lot of times. Even when modern games came out, I remembered this gem and played it again. It is so intense, it has to be played more times 🙂

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