Red Alert 2

Either you believe it or not, I am still playing this game.

But let`s start at the beginning. First of all, I want to talk about Westwood. Red Alert 2 was developed by Westwood, and they made a very good game. Westwood also has some other great names like Nox, Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun, Emperor battle for dune, etc. I like Westwood a lot, their games made me very happy.

Now when I first played Red Alert 2, I was amazed. Every mission had its own cut-scene, and gameplay was simply fantastic. I can still hear in my head the things different units say when you click on them. My favorite is the Apocalypse tank, it says: “The instrument of doom”, or “Day of judgment”.

I am putting here a video with all the things this unit says, it deserves it:

The game is easy to master, controls are not hard. One thing I like is that if you get comfortable with the controls, you will discover new things about them thus always learning.

I played the main stories several times, but the fun began when I started to play single player custom matches. In this game you can generate random maps to play on. Enemy difficulties are really good and well balanced.

One downside to this game is that if you manage to create a good defense in the beginning and create 40 Apocalypse tanks or 20 Mirage tanks and 20 Prism tanks, you are unstoppable. So the fun is only until you build a good defense.

You can steal secrets from other countries with spies, thus being able to create new, mixed units. Also, did you know, that you can create a lethal weapon by putting a Chrono Legionnaire into an IFV tank? Making 10 of these wiped any map clean.

We had hours and hours of fun, the multiplayer of this game is huge. We loved to battle on a 8 player map, 2 against 6 of the hardest enemies. The game can be made to support fullHD resolution, so it has very good graphics even today.

If I had to give a rating, it would be 11 out of 10. I love this game.


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