Need for speed 2

My first racing game.

I met this game in an Internet Cafe (a place where you could use internet and play games for money). Our first encounter was nice, we went out a couple of times to get to know each other. I also shared it with my friends, since this game had a split-screen option to race against others.

Then I got my own PC, and got myself a copy of Need for Speed 2. I played a lot on this game, even learned some cheat codes to unlock cars and things. The most used cheat was fzr2000, to unlock the FZR 2000 car, that was the best car in the game.

The game did not have a story mode, it just had a tournament mode, but it was pretty lovable even so.

Back then the graphics of this game was great, we could not imagine what level of detail modern games will achieve.

My rating for this game would be 8 out of 10.

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