Man, I wish they made a sequel for this game. This was my first Hack and Slash game and I loved it. It was the first time I encountered Viking mythology in a game. The developers succeeded in giving back the feeling of vikings, so one could really dive deep into this game.

The game was built on Unreal engine and is a third-person hack and slash game. This means you go and kill everybody by slashing, waving your axe or sword. The story is not that great, makes the game pretty linear. The maps are a bit more confusing, on some of them I got lost and searched for long time to go further. But putting aside these, I loved how you could use every weapon you encountered. Enemies dropped their weapons, even body parts upon dead and you could use even the head of the enemy to throw at other enemies.

The game is pretty action-rich, besides killing the enemy you also have to climb, crawl, jump all around the place in order to get by.

One thing I have to add to the positive things about this game is that it has multiple ending, depending on your choice. It was great, it made you go back to the last save and check out the game again.

Overall, the game is fun and back then when I played it, graphics were beautiful. Well made characters, well made maps, and besides the fact that at places half of the body of the character entered the wall, the game could make me play it trough.

My rating for this game is 9 out of 10;

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