Need for Speed Most Wanted

As so many others, I also loved this game. Some say this is the best in the series. We could debate on this, but it is a very good game. They mixed together the great customization of the cars with cop chases. And the game became insane.

I loved all the cutscenes, the ones you were arrested in are also fun. The cop chases were not so hard at the beginning. The finishing chase, however, was pretty hard, I had to try it many times to make it right. The races were very exciting and action-full, but at high speeds the motion blur drove me crazy. Also when driving a very strong car, starting from a standing position was a bit hard, but otherwise, the game is simply awesome.

After one finishes career mode, there are a lot of challenges to also complete, all unlocking some nice extras.

Cars are great, customization is great and the sound of those horses under the hood is made awesomely.

Game can be played in fullHD with a nice little application that is free, so the game is enjoyable even today.

My rating for this game is 10 out of 10;

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