Half Life

It was a 486 PC I wanted to play this game on the first time. Man, I almost became a cracker to make this game run, but 8MB of video memory is not enough. When I got a better PC, my first thing to do was install this game. It has a beautiful menu and even if I did not manage to play it the first time, I knew this game is wonderful.

Then I started to play. And my amazement just grew, because this game has a compelling story and nice graphics. I ended up playing all the extensions this game has, it was so amazing.

You are a doctor in Black Mesa, a secret research facility that experiments with portals to alien worlds. The experiments go wrong and you have to get out of there alive. The game won a lot of prizes and all were deserved. The action is compelling, weapons and enemy many, and you cannot wait to continue the story even after it is over.

You meet friendly characters on your way and you grow to them and to the main character, they are lovable, and all you want to do is get everyone to safety.

My favorite weapon was the revolver, solving problems with one shot usually. But there also other fine weapons, even alien ones at the end of the game.

Every step in the game I took was a new challenge and the exploration of the maps was always exciting. Maps also were different in many ways, thus making the game diverse. Enemies had different combat styles, so you always had to play as the environment and enemies dictated. You had to use your brain in this game, so it became a real challenge.

I loved this game and when I heard they made a HD version of it, I decided to play it again sometime.

My rating for this game is 10 out of 10;

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