Heroes of Might and Magic 3

I first saw this game at a friend’s. The first impression was not too good, I did not like how you had to play this game.

Later, I happened to install it on my PC, too, and I was amazed. Heroes of Might and Magic 3 has such a huge world, I did not even know where to start with it. After staring at the menus for a long time, I decided to go with the campaign. Learning the game was pretty hard for me, but after I learned it, I grew to love it. Man, how much I cursed when I was defeated somewhere on the third map and I had no saves. The game has may mythical creatures, my favorite being the treeant. The most played castle by me was the Rampart, having sylvan creatures in it. I loved the background of the castle when building, it reminded me of my mountains 🙂

The truth is I never played this game trough. I mean not all the stories, since there are several, and a lot of extensions, too. After a time I started to play custom games, and learned the game better that way. We even played in LAN and hotseats, too. This game has so many sides that it cannot be played trough or you cannot get bored with it.

The game is a strategy game, turn-based. You can build cities, have heroes, level up your heroes, battle other heroes, attack cities, etc, etc. What I loved about the turn-based side of this game was that I had plenty of time to think out my next step. I am a hasty person and I always rushed to press next turn, so I had pretty hard times, but otherwise I loved this.

Back then, the game had nice graphics, animations and was content rich. Many of us played this game for long times, I have it on my computer even now.

My rating for this game is 10 out of 10;

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