Quake 2

The first time I played this game, it was only a demo from a CD of one of the papers we managed to put our hands on 🙂 I played the demo many times before I managed to get the full version.

Quake 2 is a very good game. Like Doom, it is full with blood and action, and enemy is morbid and usually huge. I liked the last boss. (Spoiler alert) When you kill one giant motherfu**er, a small annoying little something pops out of it and it is pretty hard to shoot at, since it is a quick little fellow, taking you down pretty quickly. I had a good run with this fellow, but finally managed to get him.

The game itself is pretty big and you can easily get lost on some maps, they are like mazes sometimes. Otherwise you just go and kill everything that moves. The story is secondary, I do not even remember it, I just remember shooting everything that moves and having good fun. Back then this game was a bit dark, I was even scared at places.

My rating for this game is 9 out of 10;

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