Infinitely can be replayed. This is the backbone of the game. Infinity in this game means that every map is generated during game-play. If you start the game again, maps will look totally different.

Man, I loved this game back then. I did not really know what a loot-driven RPG was, but I had a lot of fun. I played this game for long hours and it still was generating maps, sending enemy towards me until finally I reached Diablo. Man, that thing was one bad-ass monster. I barely managed to kill him, mainly because I did not pay enough attention to detail, meaning I just killed everything, looted what I could, but did not use a sword because of its stats, but by the looks.

When I replayed the game, things were different. I knew that I have to pay attention to the equipment I use and so playing this game again was a lot more fun.

The main story is about saving a village that is attacked by demons, monsters and other bad things. You enter the chapel and kill what is moving. This game is not about the story. This game is about the loot. Those, who love to loot everything, kill monsters just because they hope a better weapon will fall out of them, love this game. I mean, I loved it, too, but I am not that loot-driven person, so action and fun were my main concerns about this game. Luckily I had enough of both 🙂

My rating for this game is 10 out of 10.

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