Warcraft 2

Oh, the memories. I liked this game because it ran on DOS. I had a 486 PC back then with a 80MB HardDrive. It was full with great games that ran under DOS. It was then when I met this game. Oh, how much time I wasted on this one. I was young and reckless, and I had no idea how to really play this game. I learned slowly but managed to play a lot of maps.

Warcraft 2 is a nice little game from Blizzard. It is still a pure strategy, even if it is in a fantasy world. What a little annoying is, is the lack of game speed setting. You simply have to pay attention to so much details, that after a time it becomes frustrating. You lead a force to attack, the enemy attacks your base, a building is ready, an upgrade needs to be made, etc. If we look trough this, the game is fantastic. It has nice characters, good action. The graphics are great considering how old this game is.

This game was probably my entry to the world of strategy games. It has many things that other games used later on. This game was a nice entry to the world of fantasy, too, opening a door I was glad I stepped trough.

My rating for the game is 10 out of 10, because it was such a great experience back then.

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