Command & Conquer: Tiberian sun

I love Westwood, but I think I mentioned this many times.

Westwood is the publisher who also made Command & Conquer: Tiberian sun. This game is the darker, more violent, more sci-fi brother of Red Alert 2. It follows the original Command & Conquer game’s story and is based on the conflict between GDI and NOD.

GDI has massive, strong units, and usually is about brute force. Nod, on the other hand, is like a terrorist group. Its main strength is in cybernetics, and fooling the enemy, rather in attacking with large numbers.

I loved how this game is much darker than Red Alert. You have super strong cyborgs, mammoth tanks, nice air-crafts, etc. It also has a nice soundtrack that makes you feel like you are in space.

Otherwise, the game feels like Red Alert, construction is the same, unit movements are the same. Westwood uses this distilled, working model of the game control that so many love. It is easy to use after one learns it.

Like all the Westwood games, this also has cut-scenes for every mission, making the game very interesting, even if the missions themselves are not always that long.

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