Screaming, full with adrenalin. This is what this game caused me. Oh, those afternoons full of blood and gore and derby and screams and cars and speed and adrenalin.

Carmageddon is the first game of its genre. No other game before it is about killing other cars by ramming them, racing with high speeds, not paying attention to pedestrians and having endless fun. To illustrate how fun this game was, you could drive a freaking bulldozer to kill your enemies. You could win or buy new cars, upgrade them. The goal was to be the best in killing the opponents. The maps were full with different extras you could pick up on the move, like a buzzer that killed all the pedestrians while you were driving by them.

Everything in this game was about killing and rave, even the music. While you were driving, your face was shown in the upper left corner where you could see the character laughing, screaming like a maniac.

The whole game gave me a good feeling, I enjoyed the high speeds and endless wrecking, I could not get enough. We also laughed a lot, we always gathered at my place with my friends and played this game. It was so much fun. I played it trough many times, because this game is not linear, making you want to go back more and more.

My rating for this game is 11 out of 10. Because it is hell lot of fun.

3 thoughts on “Carmageddon

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