Dragon age: Origins

When I started to play this game, the first thing that came into my mind was Mass Effect. Dragon age: Origins is a third person role playing game based in a fantasy world.

When creating our main character, we can customize it a lot, but there are only three classes we can choose from.

Actually this is not bad, because this game is about the story. It has a lovely story and nice side-quests that made me play it for a long time.

I loved how the story evolved and that I had the possibility to get into a relationship with one of my group members.

I also loved the combat that could be paused to manage the actions of the whole group.

Music in the game is good and the PC graphics are also nice. I was a mage when I played this game, but loved that I could choose my other group members and use their abilities, too. I always used auto level up for my group members, and I loved this possibility.

My set-up was a tank, a healer and two damage dealers. It was a good group and I managed to overcome every situation with this setup. I also got into good relations with my group members, so I had to help them out with their problems. This also added a lot of gaming hours to the game.

My rating for this game is 10 out of 10.

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