Mass Effect

Best Game Ever! When I started playing this game, I was a bit afraid about how it will be. But then it surprised me.

Mass Effect is basically a third person role playing shooter. And the best part in it is that you can choose how to play it. If you do not like to spend time on leveling up your character, you can switch on automatic leveling. Then the game is about action.

Even if you play this game like a simple shooter, after a time you become interested about the small things, like upgrade your weapons, your armor, finding small secrets and hidden shops where you can get good equipment.

But this game is not about how you play it. This game is like a book, a story that unfolds before you as you play it. The developers payed attention to every little detail. They created a huge background story and they have a long description for every weapon, armor, character, etc. Even if you do not read any of it, the gameplay brings forth a story that you simply cannot let go.

All the choices you make in the game also affect you and affect the story. You can become a scumbag or a true hero, eventually saving the universe. I almost cried in the end, because the story was so good.

Everybody should try this game, it is so freaking awesome! 🙂

My rating for this game is 20 out of 10.

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