Serious Sam FE & SE

In this post I am taking together Serious Sam First Encounter and Serious Sam Second Encounter.

These two have the same engine and they have the same monsters, except the Second Encounter has a sniper in plus.

So, about the game: IT IS AWESOME. You are a bad-ass soldier who has to save the world. But the story does not matter.

What really matters are the huge maps and the endless carnage you can do on these maps. Enemies just keep coming and coming and you have this awesome weapon arsenal you can use to shoot the heck out of them. It is a fast-paced, action first-person shooter made for us, action-lovers, who need to blow the steam out from time to time.

The music is great, it gives a perfect background for you to blow the brains out of an enemy.

The graphics were grate back then, and for those who want to play this game now, the HD edition is out. The old, same game, but with HD graphics. It is awesome.

There is really nothing else I could write about this game, you just have to try it.

My rating for this game is 10 out of 10;

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