Need for Speed: ProStreet

At a given moment I decided to try out all need for speed games, so you have to be prepared for the posts to come 🙂

Need for Speed: ProStreet is a new style in the genre, because it is about competition on tracks especially made for this. No chasing, no cut-scenes, just professional racing.

Actually I liked this new style, it gives the game a new feel, something different from the old-school need for speed predecessors. The cars get damaged, so you cannot drive recklessly, the graphics are great and the music good.

What I did not like and also the reason why I did not play it trough is that high speed races are freaking annoying. You make one slight mistake and you total your car. Also drifting is a joke in the game. There is always a guy talking in the background, and in the beginning it gives you a feeling that you are on a real, organized race, but then it gets repetitive and it will drive you mad.

At given places I almost broke my laptop, the game made me mad.

Otherwise it is a fun little game.

My rating for this game is 8 out of 10.

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