18 wheels of steel

Since so far I wrote about good games, I am gonna do one that is a pile of horsecrap. At least in my opinion.

Probably there are a lot of people who like truck simulators, but I am not that guy.

18wheels of steel is a truck simulator. You sit in the cabin of the truck, go take jobs and do them. Oh, and you also have a company you need to expand by doing jobs. You get better trucks, find better jobs and that is it. Seriously: that is it.

The design is average, but there are huge flaws, like the maps are designed only besides the roads, there is no freestyle meaning you cannot go into the woods and do a shortcut. The soundtrack is composed mainly of rock music, the problem with it is that it gets boring pretty quickly.

I played this game until I managed to buy my second truck. And that was it. It was below average for me and was so boring, I had to delete it.

My rating for this game is:



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