Neverwinter Nights

When I first tried this game, I was not ready yet for deep RPG games. I did not understand it and had to come back t it later, when I got some experience in deep and complex RPG games.

Neverwinter Nights is a huge game. You can create a totally custom character. When I say totally custom, I mean you have sooooo many options. You can really let yourself go, I myself spent hours on reading all the options to try and find the perfect combination.

The game starts in an academy where you get used to the mechanics and you have to venture out in the huge world of the game to save Neverwinter, the city.

The atmosphere of the game is good, it can get you into it pretty deep. I did not finish the game, because my PC died back then and I lost all my progress. I did not want to restart.

The replay value of the game is also great, since you have a lot of options at character creation and also in the game, since there are a lot of side-quests to choose from.

My rating for this game is:


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