Medal of Honor: Allied Assault

MoHAA was my first real, historical, nazi killing fps. Back then it had beautiful graphics and I was in awe because of this game.

I liked how realistic the game is, putting you in places and situations allied soldiers could have been. I also played the two expansions, they also bring a lot of new content into the game.

So, about the story. You are an American soldier, who has to fight his way trough German territory to do some awesome missions. I liked how the developers managed to make the missions so diverse. In some cases you have to blow up something, in other cases you have to escort someone, there are even cases when you drive a freaking tank.

This reminds me of the possibility to use big machine guns, vehicles and stuff. This was a new thing back then and it made the game even more enjoyable.

The background music was not that great, I do not really remember it.

The game is still played today, many players love the multiplayer pat of this game. The nostalgia is strong with this one.

My rating for this game is:


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