Colin Mcrae Rally 04

When I first got to play this game, I loved it. I did not play the third game, so this was a big step forward.

Coline Mcrae Rally 2004 is a fine racing game. This was my first rally game that had pretty awesome physics in it. I liked how you had to take care how you handle your car, since you could easily wreck it. Also the damage could be seen on the car, so that was an awesome feature.

Looking back, the graphics are outdated, but I loved it back then. I loved the sound of the car, also loved the sparks the exhaust made. It was something new and exciting.

It also had some downsides, like the background music was forgettable and annoying. Oh, and man, I got annoyed by the driver helper, the guy who tells you the directions. I hated him, and I did not find anywhere in the options how to switch him off.

Even so, I completed the career mode and also run a lot of championship races, so I had a lot of fun with the game.

My overall rating for this game is:




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