Unreal Tournament 2004

Man, this game seems old. But an aged game is not necessarily an old game. When I first tried out this game, I was left in awe.

Unreal engine is fascinating, because it ran the game smoothly on even bad configuration PCs. I loved how good the graphics were and I feel nostalgic thinking about it.

So, Unreal Tournament 2004 is an FPS, one of the best shooters of it’s time. It was created to be a multiplayer game, but it also has a singleplayer campaign. O loved how challenging the single player campaign was, I played a lot of time to beat the game. Multiplayer was also fun, but I mostly played with friends.

I loved how fast-paced the game was, you simply could not camp in this game. On some maps you jumped over huge gaps, sniped while in the air and other crazy stuff. You could use vehicles, and oh man, the weapons were awesome. You could always find new and fun ways to kill an enemy.

I really would like to find some flaws in this game, but I cannot. It is simply amazing. Maybe the only flaw it has is that it has no story. The singleplayer is actually just a multiplayer against bots going trough the maps as a championship.

Anyhow, I loved this game. My score for this game is:


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