Deus Ex

This game is a bit old. When I first tried to play with it, I did not really like it. It was too complicated for me. But then, I revisited the game on multiple occasions.

I never really liked complicated shooters. I liked to just go and kill everyone with big guns and a lot of explosions. Later, when I had more patience and was more curious, I revisited this game.

I have to say, this game is fantastic. It is so immersive that you have to be careful not to get lost on the first mission. It is a bit hard for beginners or people who do not like the genre to get into the game, but once you did it, it becomes a bit addictive.

So, about the game. In the game you are a cyborg. You work for the cops and you have to complete missions. Since you are a cyborg, you are able to enhance yourself with different extras you can get throughout the game. There is an inventory system and your character has stats you can change, so from this point of view, this is an RPG. On the other hand, this game really is a shooter. The mix of these two types makes this game a bit confusing.

The main problem is, that you have to put energy into the character customization and enhancement, because otherwise the game gets too hard after a time on later levels.

I did not like the music in this game. It did fit the environment, but I did not like it.

There are a lot of ways you can play this game. You can be sneaky, or you can just go and kill everyone. It depends on your style. I chose a mix of these two and it was fun.

My score for this game is:


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