Gearhead garage

I have to tell you, I never played a game so addictive of this kind. But let me start at the beginning.

Gearhead garage is a simple game where you are a car repair garage owner. At the beginning you get some work to do and get money for it.

The beauty of this game is in the detail of the cars. The game itself is pretty old, so there are things that are not that polished. Even so, you can disassemble a car into small pieces, especially the engine. There are not too many parts, so the game does not get complicated. This is why it is fun.

As you progress, you get onto new levels. After a time you are able to go to the auction house and purchase cars that you can repair and sell later. This is a good way to make money. Also, there are a lot of fun cars, like formula 1 cars, monster trucks rocket fueled family vans, etc.

To tell about the negative side, the music in the game is very repetitive and it gets annoying pretty quickly. The sound of the starting engine however, when you repaired it, is awesome.

I had a lot of fun with this game. It does not require a lot of skill and it is easy to play with. I spent a lot of hours with it when I was little.

My score for this game is:



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