Portal 2

When I played the first Portal, I started out a bit skeptical, because the game seemed like just a simple puzzle game where you solve some situations and that is it. But no, it became this exciting game where you had the motivation to continue to meet the boss.

Portal 2 is no different. I simply loved the story in this sequel. The first game was a bit monotone, did not really have a colorful environment. In the second game however, you wake up to a subterranean base falling apart. The colors, the environment, the sounds, the music, all beautiful.

Of course you get back into the maze also, but it only adds to the game, it does not ruin it. At some point you fall down into the depths of the cave the whole facility is in and as you climb your way up, a fascinating story unfolds. It is simply astounding. The game is not that hard, it makes you use your brain a lot. The scenery until you get to the top is unbelievable.

I loved everything about this game. It is the kind of game that can steal you away from reality for a long time. It also has humor in it, mixed with the annoying female robot who wants to kill you all the time. During the story you also find out who this female was.

My score for this game is of course:


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