Fahrenheit is a strange game. It is dark, it is twisted, weird to play. But if you give it time and you are patient with it, it will repay you with a fantastic story.

The game is a weird third person action puzzle adventure mix.

So, in this game you play both good and bad characters. You play two cops, you play the bad guy and several other characters during the game.

You start off with killing someone under some kind of trance. From then on the game is about catching yourself as the cops and evading authority as the bad guy.

As you play the different scenes, a very strange, thriller story unfolds about black magic, personal drive and many other things that make you think.

The game is old, so the graphics are not the best, but the environment, the winter in the city make the chill run down your spine. The music is a bit freaky, and it does not always match the feeling of the game.

What made this game hard to digest for me are the controls in it. It is so hard to master how to control a character. Also there are places where your time runs down and you have to act quickly. This thing should be good, making you do foolish decisions sometimes, but after a while it gets annoying.

So, Fahrenheit deserves a try, the story is absolutely stunning.

My rating for this game is:



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