Need for Speed: underground

I am gonna say this right away: for me, this was the first in the Need for Speed series that left me speechless. I already played Porsche multiple times when I met this game. I did not play the first Hot Pursuit (number 6 game, the third had the same name I guess) so this was a great improvement for me.

First of all, in Need for Speed: Porsche we saw the ability to update parts of the car, but in this game, the player became the ultimate car modifier. I love how you can update, modify, pimp your car. You start out with a basic car and end up having a Nissan Skyline GTR in the end. (Yes, it is the best tune car in the game).

From the perspective of experience, this game is solid. I mean when I finally managed to play this game I was so excited, like a four year old. The soundtrack is so good, that anybody who played this game and hears one of the track has an instant flashback.

In this game you have a pretty good amount of cars you can have and customize. The customization is fun and diverse, but ultimately boils down to packages or levels. The most time a player spends customizing is the look of the car. You can pimp your car in any way you want. And that is awesome.

The graphics are nice, but I always played this game without blur, it was annoying. The game is limited to a city landscape, but it does not make it lose any of the positive sides.

When I played the game I did not meet any glitches or technical difficulties and the game ran even on a microwave, so I cannot say anything negative about this game.

My score for this game is:


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