Deus Ex 2: Invisible war

Deus Ex 2: invisible war is the second game in the deus ex series, and it is a first person shooter with RPG elements. Basically, you can equip yourself with bionic modifications that enhance you, also, you can customize your weapons to a degree.

I recently finished this game. Deus Ex 2 is a pretty solid game, back when it was released, it was considered a very good game. Since then, of course, a lot has changed, but luckily I was able to find a patch that adds high resolution textures to the game. Visible Upgrade.

Ok, after I managed to make the visual part work, all was fine. This game was one of the ancestors of modern games where besides the main story, you have side missions. The system itself is a bit old and not well refined, but it does not take away much from the game. For example, there are cases, that you can do intersecting missions to more factions that leave you with a hanging thing in the air 😀 Or sometimes the mission stays in the log even if you completed it.

I played this game trying to keep a balance between factions, meaning I tried to stay neutral with everyone. I like how this is possible at the end of the game, where you could just simply kill everybody and that is it.

The AI in the game is not the best, but this made it funny for me 😀 The stealth system is working, but you have no indication how much you got spotted or not. So, there are cases when you can walk right up to an enemy, and there are cases when they spot you from the other end of the map.

The maps are not the biggest, but that is probably because they needed the graphics cards back in the day to be able to handle it.

The soundtrack is pretty good, especially liked the Club Vox OST, I even stayed longer in that area just to listen to it.

So, overall, the game is not bad, and it is playable even today with the graphic patch. It is even replayable, since it has that minimal multi-branching that can make people interested in the other different outcomes, too.

My score for this game is:


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