Serious Sam 2

Serious sam 2 is an action FPS. Like its predecessor, this game is also about killing a monsters. A lot of monsters…

When I played this game, I liked its graphics, but as time goes by, this game does not age well. I am not saying it is bad, but I also cannot praise it. The fluidness of the game however is very good, I like how quick you can move around, it does not feel sluggish at all.

The main character stays the same, Serious Sam, but the plot changes. For me, the story of the game is funny, but just for a giggle, it does not provide a good base for the game. It did not add anything to the game, nor take anything from it, even though there is more story in it than in the previous title.

Compared to the previous game, this one is more colorful, but for me it is also more childish. The monsters are funny, but they are more like child toys, so I did not really like them. There is nothing “serious” in this game for me.

Anyhow, if you like to kill endless hordes of enemies with impressive guns, than you will like this one as much as the previous.

Here is my rating, some pics and also the play-through:



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