I played this game long after its release. I did this because I was a bit afraid of this game, did not know where to put it.

When I finally started to play it, I was amazed. I loved it.

In Halo, you are Chief, a human soldier who gets on a thing called Halo, that is a space station with living environment. At the same time the opposing faction also gets on the ring and you all try to get to the bottom of the mysteries of this thing.

Regarding this story, I found the game a bit long. After a lengthy fight with the opposing faction, you finally meet the inhabitant species, and they are also aggressive. So, you fight one enemy, then another, then the first again. Like it never ends.

Otherwise the game is nice, you have a good arsenal of weapons and also can use the weapons of enemies. The sound is great and even though the game is old, it has nice graphics.

My rating for this game is:



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