Rise of nations

After installing the game and opening it, I thought I installed Age of Empires 2. Then, when I started to explore a bit, I realized, that this is much more. So, to test out the game, I choose the huns and started playing.

Man, this game took a lot of ours from my life. Nevertheless, I loved it. It is deep, detail-rich and a lot of fun.

So, to describe the game: it is a real-time strategy where you can start with a nation from the stone age and gradually bring it up to modern times. There are atomic bombs, cars, tanks, everything that belongs to wars and strategy but also city-building, technology tree and such.

First it might seem that the game is complicated and the AI progresses very quickly, but with a bit of patience you can master the game and so you can enjoy it. It is playable even these days, the game being pretty old. I would say that back then developers had much more ideas than in modern times.

My rating for this game is:


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