Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

When I started playing this game, it was a bit strange, because it is not the usual RGP. It is one where you advance in level only by increasing the skills you have. I had to get used to this system, but when I did, I was sucked in by the game.

The game is huge. It has a large area you can discover and a lot of quests. You have a main story, but you are not obliged to follow it. You have so many things to do in this game, that if you are not brave and persistent enough, you will quit playing. Every single action you take has effect on the play, so you have to decide what you want. You can join a lot of guilds, become master of the guild, be good or bad, have an impact on the whole in-game society.

Fist you are a small noone, a person escaping from prison. When the game started, I thought I will be playing a dungeon crawler, getting used to dark corridors and stuff. Then I got out into the sunlight and got a glimpse on the huge environment I had to explore. It was magnificent. I could not decide what to do, where to go. And then slowly things tarted to add up, I learned the game, created a fight style, I became a hunter-mage wearing heavy armor and killing by sneaking. You have the liberty to do all these things.

Elder scrolls IV: Oblivion is an epic game. It is like a second life you have where you can go from your real life. Oh, and I did not speak of the main story. The main story is huge. You have these portals opening up from where more and more Daedra come out and cause chaos. Your job is to close the gates once and for all. The armor sets are great in the game, I almost closed every gate possible just to get many sets of deadric armor in order to make different sets of enchanted armors.

Oh, and you can purchase your own houses in different cities. My mansion in Anvil was the greatest. You could get it by getting rid of ghosts haunting the house.

Man, and the soundtrack. I do not know words beautiful enough in English to describe the soundtrack. There were times when I started the game just to listen to the music in it, doing nothing, just sitting by a campfire.

My rating for this game is 13 out of 10. I love this game.

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