Doom 3

When I first wanted to play this game, my PC was pretty bad, so I had to wait until I get a better one.

Doom 3 is worthy of the franchise, I loved previous Doom games, but this one has some things that make it less enjoyable.

First of all, I liked how the graphics can be totally customized for any video card. I searched for a bit and found the perfect config for my ATI card and had enormous fun, the game ran very smooth.

In the game you go back to Mars to the laboratories and kill all kinds of mutants and what-not. The story was not compelling enough for me to remember it.

I did not finish the game, because after a time it became repetitive and boring, it was way too linear. Of course, the game is full of action, gore, blood and is frightening as hell. I had to increase the gamma so I can see in the dark, but even so I got scared many times.

I also loved how much they cared about detail, everything is the environment is made with care and the whole of the game looks amazing.

My rating for this game is:



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