This is the crown jewel of Space Shooters. Dot.

There were attempts to recreate the things this game gives, but all in vain. This game is solid rock, it is beautifully made and is action packed. Forget about the main missions. Of course, there is a story line in there, but who cares? The game and the world in it is much more bigger than the 13 mission you have to do. Nicely made ships, free trading, unlimited amount of jobs, a huge, beautiful world of planets, stations, battleships to explore and a lot of shooting.

The controls are not overcomplicated, they are easy to learn. The game can be made to run in full HD, making it nice looking even on modern PCs.

I love this game. Done the main missions, but I am still out there mining, gathering, killing bad guys, exploring. This game is huge, I guess my ultimate goal is to purchase the best ship out there.

My rating for this game is 15 out of 10.

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