The Sims

First life simulator. I do not remember from where did I get this game, but when I got it, it was a nice discovery. It was different in every way from all the games I played before.

What I remember about this game is that you had to manage a family in every-day life. You had to find jobs, build your house, micro-manage everything about the life of your characters.

In many ways this game was nice but mostly fun. We had good laughs playing this game, the characters seemed pretty dumb. We always tried to make them have sex, but they blurred the fun parts 😀

It had nice graphics back then, since one could only manage a given place, making the graphic requirements shrink comparing to other games from the same year.

I got bored with this game pretty fast. It had no story, so I reached to the conclusion that I already have a life I have to manage, so I will not put energy in managing another life.

I also checked out the cheats and gave myself a lot of money, just to use the game as a building simulator. I built large houses with all kinds of fun architecture, it gave the game another chance to make itself playable. After I got bored with building structures, I deleted the game and never played again.

My rating for the game is 7 out of 10.

One thought on “The Sims

  1. The sims doesn’t have an ultimate goal and there’s fun in just doing as many random things to your sims as you like :). I still think the original game is the best. Hope you didn’t mind me posting on your blog? 🙂


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