Dune 2000

Probably the hardest strategy game I ever played. This game is based on Dune 2, the old dos game. Dune 2000 has way better graphics and it brings a lot of new things in.

Actually I played this one first and met Dune 2 only after that. I never managed to finish this game, I only got to like the 5th map, because it was always too difficult for me. This game is a true strategy.

The story is the same, it is based on the novel Dune and plays on the planet. This game has cutscenes before every mission, the trademark of Westwood studios. It makes the game so much interesting.

A lot of visual and gameplay elements were kept from Dune 2, but this game plays way better, runs smoother and the AI is better, too.

I liked this game even if it gave me hard times playing it due to its difficulty, but I would play it again, if it ran on newer OS-es.

My rating for this game is 9 out of 10. Good game.

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